9b0 (Balázs Gyutai) is a Hungarian breakbeat producer and an audio software developer. He started to create his first tracks when he was still a young kid in the early 90's as a hobby. This hobby was the reason why he and his brother started to develop certain softwares. In 2004 he started making some remixes, and at the end of this year he finished the track Burnout. A year later (at the end of 2005, beginning of 2006) he got signed to Electrofly recordings with the Burnout EP, which was released a year later. Since then he has produced several remixes, such as the a remix of Dtolio and Elina's Surrounded by the seas (Morphosis records) and's Dazzle (Glack audio). At the end of 2007 he signed his newest original work - Sad cat - to Glack audio, which is a strange mixture of techy sounds with progressive vibe and electro beat. It will be released in the beginning of 2008.

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