GLAU010B: VA - Previously on Glack Audio (Part 2)

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Release date: 2009-10-14


1. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (9b0 Remix) [6:25]
2. - T-Break (ICR Remix) [7:16]
3. ICR - I'm The Edge Of Your Coin (Ferenc Vaspoeri Remix) [6:55]

Genre: electronica, house

About GLAU010B:

10 releases might not be too much, other labels may churn out double this number but we're happy and proud for Glack Audio has reached this milestone. We thought we shall reflect on the last 2 years' productions but not in a form of a 'back catalouge' compilation (we find that a bit boring) but asking a few top-notch hungarian producers to remix the Glack Audio tracks so far released.
The 'Previously On Glack Audio EP' will be released in 3 instalments and will feature remixes in different styles.

This release is a sort of a milestone for us and we would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone all the support, trust and all the constructive criticism!

Artwork by 9b0 (

Some reactions:

Kevin Beber (UK):
"firstly , congratulations on reaching 10 releases ...
secondly , more congratulations for setting the bar so high where sheer quality of output is concerned.
with fantastic producers like 9b0 (amongst others) on board , the future is bright !
keep up the good work : )

another great release - varying moods covered -
cheers ."

Stefan Anion (Shiznit / US):
"9b0 never ever freakin disappoints, that mastermind crazy genius :-)
i'm really diggin the ICR mix as well. very cool"

Double Negative (Empathy Recordings / NZ):
"loving all these tunes! thanks again guys :)"

Jaurelio ( / ITA):
"9b0 strikes again."The Politics Of Summer" remix is pure insane dope!!!"

Palotai (Tilos):
"nice icr vaspoeri mixes"

Retroid (Morphosis / HU):
"9b0 remix is very sick but ICR Remix is the best for me"

Lifecycle (Ricochet / UK):
"good luck with the remixes ... less to my personal tastes, although that 9b0 remix sounds so modern! Incredible ... can't wait for GLAU011"

Marvin (Long Track / HU):
"Awesome release! Grat boize!!!"

Yreane (XSSR Music / RU):
"Interesting remix from 9b0."

Tim Nugent (Dascyllus / UK):
"Nice package but nothing that I'd really play. Better for after hours listening. The 9b0 remix is the most interesting, that'll get some extra attention."

Dr. Schmidt (Maschinen Musik / Germany):
"The remix of Flack Su's is an excellent atmospheric groover. To be played for sure..... "

Bennie Project (Glack Audio / NE):
"i really like the dirty sound of the 9b0 remix.
I think the ICR remix wil also do it on the dancefloor"

Axim (Radió Café Szolfézs / HU):
"In love with another icr track, mr. Gál is on fire again! thats my track"

Tony Tay (Zouk Club / Singapure):
"Like the ICR remix of - T-Break. Great job!"

"like the ICR remix, reminds me of klute's 4/4 stuff!"

Llupa (Disk Breaks NSB Radio / AU):
"hey guys,

cheers for sending these through, always look forward to the Glack promos :D

Politics - 9b0 at his glitchiest! wicked stuff, obviously not dance floor material, but it'll def get a spin on the radio

T-Break - nice groove, great chilled vibe. Steps it up in the later stages making this a great set starter, or a change up to a faster groove. Like this one a lot

Edge of coin - and now for something completely different! on the jazzy house tip - sweet remix, this will have quite a broad reach I think. nicely done

Certainly a bit different from what we've heard before from Glack, but v cool none the less. Good to see a label stretching out from the norm and putting out some more edgy tunes - nice work!"

Mesmer (Sound Of Habib / Scarcity / RO):
"Really like the Ferenc Vaspoeri Remix - Nice chill out and ambiental brokenbeat, perfect for my autumn afternoons :) 9b0 Remix is wicked! Dark and glitchy - Great work! The ICR Remix of T-Break is absolutely superb! LOVE THIS ONE :) Loving this release - Thank you "

Artists on the release