GLAU009: 9b0 - Antilightbulb

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Release date: 2009-05-05


1. 9b0 - Antilightbulb (Original Mix) [7:39]
2. 9b0 - Antilightbulb (Beta Remix) [6:36]
3. 9b0 - Antilightbulb (Retroid Remix) [7:38]

Genre: breaks

About GLAU009:

9b0 is the secret weapon of Glack Audio. A gifted producer with unique sound who drops some serious live sets and also does the sleeve designs for Glack Audio. He's back again with a new release for the world not to miss the 9b0 feeling. The original version of Antilightbulb is a refined cut, a tad melancholic and unique. In other words we can define it as popular music in a good sense which is for the mind, soul as well as for the dancing feet. The Beta Remix is a rework reforming the atmosphere of the original version and thus getting it even more dancefloor friendly, the Beta fans won't be disappointed this time either. The other remix is done by the head honcho of Morphosis and Ego Shot labels, Retroid which lends an atmospheric yet energetic mood to the track.

The curiosity of Antilightbulb is that it will be one of the soundtracks for the soon-to-be released independent movie of Simon Szabó called Papírrepülők (Paper Planes) and soon to be released on CD from OST.

In the meantime 9b0 is working on his first own album which is due in 2009 on Glack Audio.

Artwork by 9b0 (

Some reactions:

Burufunk (Shiznit / US):
"Very solid release as always from the Glack family! Keep the breaks alive for us!"

Kevin Beber (UK):
"top stuff from 9bo as expected"

Stefan Anion (US):
"9b0 is and always will be one of my favorite artists. This single is no exception to that. Top Notch stuff!"

Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings / HU):
"nice one! Original is nicely produced melodic breaks... "

Mesmer (Sound Of Habib / Scarcity / RO):
"All three mixes are purely awesome! Beta is the obvious choice for the dancefloor, Retroid for the heart and soul.. and.. the Original FOR PRESIDENT! I am completely in love with this release - Cheers"

Lifecycle (Ricochet Recordings / UK):
"Sweet mellow prog vibes ... another corker! Keep 'em coming"

Bennie Project (Glack Audio / NE):
"nice catchy melody in the original
and i like the techy sound of the beta remix"

Tony Tay (Zouk Club / Singapure):
"Like the Beta Remix and Retroid Remix best!"

Llupa (Disk Breaks NSB Radio / AU):
"Loving the original, something a little left of centre and quality - glad to see people putting out tunes like this - much love for 9b0

The Beta one is of course huge - much more of a driving, building monster with all the trademark Beta tricks - awesome

Retroid takes it on a slightly more proggy tip without losing the driving bottom end - nice work

Another quality Glack release. a quirky and very playable original tune, followed up with two huge remixes aimed more at the dance floor - great variation in the remixes, great package - this is what quality breaks sound like!"

Yreane (XSSR Music / RU):
"I just love Glack Audio. That's all I wanted to say hearing this package. Amazing, beautiful original tune. More powerful remix from Retroid. And Beta... he kills it again!"

Mr No Hands (No Handed Music / Mixmag / UK):
"tiiiiight beta remix... good release"

Retroid (Morphosis / Ego Shot / HU):
"All mixes are cool"

Karl Sav (Reconnect Records / Erase Records / AU):
"Original - Beatufiul lush intro , Nice build into the lead. Good for early set or a really late one as a set finisher. Very origianl sounding tune is very light on the ears but still has a bit of drive to it.

Beta Remix - Gives the track a bit more edge to it. Will definitey fit more in my sets in what I play usually. Nice rolling arp bassline . Pads give the traack some nice flow , trade mark Beta glitchyness on the lead line.

Retroid Remix - wow - this is like Retroid heard the original then Betas remix and went some where in between! Very proggy. Has the lushness and lead lines from the origianl with the same drive that Beta has. Can fit anywhere in my sets.

Great release - will be supporting all 3 versions of the tune at some stage of my sets depending on when I play. I love all 3 tunes, Id say the retroid remix slightly takes it, I love the Beta remix too and it rounds out the package with the more driving piece but I think the combination that the Retroid rmeix has of both drive and lushness is what appeals to me.

Fantastic release!"

Anorganik (HU):
"Original is the best... 9b0 for president! ;)"

Double Negative (Empathy Recordings / NZ):
"thanks guys! top stuff again."

Dr. Schmidt (Maschinen Musik / Germany)
"Love the original mix. Minimal start and a never a ending build, that takes you right away. Nevertheless my favorite is the Retroid mix, that captures what great music NuSkool once promised to be and still is when done right. Great beats, great bass, great pads, great melodies - deep and danceable. A winner!"

Jaurelio ( / ITA):
"stylish release!!! I like 'Antilightbulb' Beta remix for my breaks dj-set....."

Axim (Radió Café Szolfézs / HU):
"the original is a pop "classic" without any trandy dancefloor fillings! loving 9b0's stuffs. the original is my taste here!"

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