Behind the alias tOOk you’ll find Gabor Tukacs, a 27 year old producer, born and raised in Hungary, currently living in Belgium.

Coming from a family with musical background, he was surrounded by tapes, records and musical instruments from a tender age on.
As later on he developed computer skills and discovered tracker software, it seemed more exciting for him to put the instruments down for a while, and start focusing on programming his sounds.
Walking the long road of autodidactism, he got to a point where he tought his beats are tight enough to present them to broader audience.
Having his first release on Glack Audio, one of Hungary’s finest labels has given things a big boost, getting in touch with the players of the scene and being asked to deliver originals and to remix tunes for them happened almost instantly.
Not limited to a single genre, you can expect him to drop breaks, dubstep or techy sounds as well.
One thing is for sure: you will always find catchy chord progressions and melodies, rich textures in his tunes, as he prefers these over soulless bangers.

He recently started working together with fellow Hungarian producer aateks, wich appears to be a fruitful collaboration. Presumedly you will hear a lot more from them in the near future.

tOOk on Soundcloud:

Releases on Glack Audio