GLAU015: tOOk - My Favorite Things

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Release date: 2010-10-20


1. tOOk - My Favorite Things (Original Mix) [7:21]
2. tOOk - That Sound (Original Mix) [6:22]
3. tOOk - My Favorite Things (Ruman Remix) [7:10]

Genre: breaks

Artwork by 9b0 (

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Some reactions:

9b0 (Glack Audio / Electrofly / HU):
"the Ruman remix roxx. overall: i did not hear such a quality breaks release since a longlong time."

Kevin Beber (UK):
"like the title track but for originality i'd say i prefer the Ruman Remix .

BETA (Re:Connect / Sound Of Habib / UK):
"Cool Tunes, thank you, My Favorite Things probably wins it for me. "

Mesmer (Sound Of Habib / Scarcity / RO):
"New shizzl from Glack thats awesome! Loving the Originals on this one, the Ruman Remix is also good. My favorite is My Favorite Things :) "

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation / UK):
"Fantastic production on the originals - very impressive sound I love the dark vibes with the blazing beats. Ruman provides a nice interesting remix. Full support from me, will be perfect in my darker sets "

Anorganik (HU):
"Super shit! My Favourite is Ruman's remix of My Favorite Things. But who is tOOk and who is Ruman? :O"

Mr No Hands (No Handed Music / Mixmag / UK):
"niiiice like this v much"

Rizkid (Budapest Deep Café / HU):
"Funk and groove...full support!"

Retroid (Morphosis / Ego Shot / HU):
"That Sound is the business"

Burufunk (Shiznit / US):
"Great release!"

Aeron Aether:
"My Favorite Things Original is my favorite thing here. :)"

Bennie Project (Glack Audio / NE):
"i like the original tracks. Those are two fucking funky tracks with a great atmosphere.
Big up for took"

Stefan Anion (Shiznit / US):
"Massive breaks here. The Ruman Remix is really nice. All tracks on here are great."

Llupa ( (Disc Breaks @ NSB Radio / AU):
"Been missing my Glack fix, so great to have some new stuff from ya.
Loving these, they've got a really nice organic feel to them and very clean production. Solid grooves and beats with col melodic elements - the perfect combo. Both originals will get much support from me!"

Yreane (XSSR Music / RU):
"Wow! Long time no news from Glack and a release like this. Worth to wait! Both originals are A-MA-ZING!!!"

Double Negative (Empathy Recordings / NZ):
"thanks again guys! great stuff"

Ster (Hungary):
"Nice release from mighty Glack Audio - again! "That Sound" is the one for me! :)"

Tony Tay (Zouk Club / Singapure):
"Nice release! All the tunes sound good to me, but "My Favorite Things (Original Mix)" is my fav for the clubs."

S-Pekt (Hungary):
"smartbreaks in the place! another quality release from Glack Audio, I'm surely gonna play both originals!"

Mort (Hungary):
"My Favorite Things (original): good vibes, good atmosphere, nice breakbeat indeed!
That Sound: not as polished as My Favorite Things, cool breakdown though!
Ruman rmx: unique flavour, nice composition, not everyone's cup of tea, would be curious to see more remix work from Ruman!" (Impulsecreator / Hungary):
"classic breakz business, init?!
i like the "electro" sounds that float in in my fav things orig around 5:00"

Jaurelio ( / ITA):
"Amazing in breaks!!!"

Lifecycle (Ricochet / UK):
"yep loving the funky tribal vibes ... 'that sound' is really spacious, too ... expertly crafted sound"

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