GLAU005: - T-Break

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Release date: 2008-07-07


1. - T-Break (Version 1) [5:57]
2. - T-Break (Version 2) [6:49]
3. - T-Break (Beta Remix) [7:34]
4. - T-Break (Ambient Version) [6:43]

Genre: breaks / ambient

Artwork by 9b0 (

Some reactions:

Burufunk (Shiznit Recordings / US):
"This Flack.SU mix is straight up off the chain! Loving it."

Jariten (Sound Of Habib / SE):
"You can't go wrong with Glack Audio... 5th release of absolute class material. Just blows me away every time. Both versions are good, and I'll be using the ambient version as layer for DJing, but no matter how good the original may be it is eclipsed by the mind blowing Beta remix."

DJ Palotai (Tilos Radio/HU):
"I love it!"

Stefan Anion (US):
"Excellent Release - Love it! Will have my full support."

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