Dr. Schmidt

With his roots in the industrial and synth-pop of the early 90's, Andreas Schmehl aka Dr. Schmidt was soon infected by the techno-virus and by UK breakbeats only a few years later. From 1997 on he followed his love for electronic rhythms as a DJ and from 2002 on also as a producer. In 2003 he started the project Maschinen Musik, to finally bring together his main influences, Industrial, Techno and breakbeat under one sound.

• Volt: auf "It's a Berlin Thing Vol. 2" CD-Compilation (Dangerous Drums)
• Borg EP (Maschinen Musik)
• Machine Music (Maschinen Musik)
• Styx: auf "It's a Berlin Thing Vol. 3" CD-Compilation (Dangerous Drums)
• Lessons in Logic (Maschinen Musik)
• Steel Mill/Subkutan (Maschinen Musik)
• Many Machines (mit Circuit Breaker / Maschinen Musik)
• The Raid (Maschinen Musik)
• Resonator (Maschinen Musik)
• The Engines of God/Quellcrist (Maschinen Musik)
• They're Here/Warning/Flesh (Maschinen Musik)
• Adrenochrome/Tremor Hall (Maschinen Musik)

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